Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings

Establishedd 1981 in India with
12000 MT per annum production turnover. 



Wholesale distribution at your site anywhere in Europe…


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Bespoke casting produce as per your design specification…

Who We Are ?

Truform Europe is an entity registered in England, to promote offshore production, wholesale and distribution of products manufactured by Truform Group in India for European customers.

What We Do ?

We enable meeting the requirements of European customers for Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Piping solutions for all applications, as well as Manhole covers, Gratings, Electrodes, Fire Hydrants, bespoke castings, and delivering them directly to the customer.

Truform Highlights:

Truform has obtained more than 40 approvals of industrial designs for manufactured products in the form of ductile iron fittings from the Indian authorities and government departments

Truform was founded in 1981. From the very beginning, its founders were guided by the vision of global development. Thanks to the family management and the hard work of the entire crew, the assumptions adopted at the very beginning could become reality

Truform has around 800 skilled workers and executives. Thanks to this, it manufactures over 200 products

Truform currently manufactures over 65,000 metric tons of ductile iron pipes and fittings, cast iron pipes and fittings, manhole, earth electrodes, castings and fire hydrants annually.

Indian manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler of Ductile Iron Pipe Fitting, Cast Iron Pipes & Fittings, Manhole, DI Covers, Casting, Earth Rod, Fire Hydrants.

Truform Europe is an EU entity whose main goal is to wholesale supply the European market with products made of ductile iron fittings, ductile iron pipes, cast iron pipes & fittings, manhole covers, gratings, Earth Rods, bespoke castings and fire hydrants.

Truform Europe is also facilitating offshore manufacturing for these products at the Truform factory / foundry for European customers.

Truform Europe has chosen London as its headquarters, which is to facilitate cooperation, acquire new customers on the European market who want to receive the products offered by Truform India.

Truform Europe was created so that European customers can directly source products from the manufacturer without the need for intermediaries. This is to provide Truform customers with products obtained directly from the smelter, with a good price guarantee and safe delivery to their destination. We are also here to take requirements, provide assistance, and after sales support to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with the acquired products.

Thanks to Truform Europe you can safely acquire Indian products such as:

  1. Ductile Iron Pipes
  2. Ductile Iron Fittings (DI Pipe Fittings)
  3. Cast Iron Pipes (Drainage pipes)
  4. Cast Iron Pipe Fittings (CI Fittings / Drainage fittings)
  5. Ductile Iron Covers (Gutter Access Manhole Covers & Gratings)
  6. Cast Iron Earth Electrode (Earth Rods, Earthing Electrodes)
  7. Cast Iron Bespoke Castings (As per customer’s drawings & specification)
  8. Ductile Iron Bespoke Castings (As per customer’s drawings & specification)
  9. Fire Hydrants
  10. Cast Iron Cowl Ventilator
  11. Ductile Iron Adjustable Dismantling Joints
  12. Cast Iron Foot Valve Bucket Strainer
  13. Cast Iron Valves

All the above-mentioned products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant IS standards and equivalent BSEN standards. We can also make the above products in accordance with the specification and standards of the customer.

Truform Europe fits in with the European style of work and culture, provides European clients with a business partnership based on trust, thanks to which our clients fully benefit from our knowledge, experience, quality of our services, which Truform Europe guarantees for long-term and good business relations with our clients.

Truform Europe has adopted an operational model based on honesty, trust, due diligence, continuous improvement and learning from the past to make the future better for us and our customers.

With the acquired knowledge and experience on the domestic market, including the implementation of government orders, we have become a company that delivers our products not only to the Indian market, but also covers the US, and every place in Europe, which is why we are a global partner.

We invite you to visit the Truform production plant, which is located in central India. You can get there within an hour by plane, from cities such as Mumbai, Delhi or from another international airport in India. Direct international flights from the UAE are also available, as well as a railway junction for vertical and horizontal Indian rail connections. Thanks to this, we can transport our products from / to anywhere in India, including Europe.

Our capabilities are confirmed by production data, which are currently within the following limits:

  • Ductile iron pipes and fittings: 12,000 MT per year
  • Cast iron pipes and fittings: 50,000 MT per year
  • Other products: 6000 MT per year

Truform is a leading manufacturer of flanged pipes and fittings made of cast iron and ductile iron in India. The production plant has been operating in the industry for over 4 decades, i.e. since its establishment in 1981. Kudos to a wide range of products of the highest quality and timeliness of services rendered, Truform has gained a reputation among manufacturers of flange pipes and fittings. In addition, Truform produces earth electrodes, ductile iron covers, fire hydrants and other types of castings.

Having recognition with government institutions, with the help of consultants and support from private industries & internationally funded projects, Truform pipelines have been used in most prestigious projects.

Truform is an expert in the production of ductile iron pipe fittings for infrastructure projects related to:

  1. Water treatment & supply
  2. Sewage treatment & disposal
  3. Effluent treatment, Water retaining Structures, Pump Houses
  4. Fire Fighting
  5. Fluid transmission

Truform was a pioneer in the field of bolted flanged pipes, which strengthened its market position. The company is the oldest existing BIS licensee in India for centrifugally cast iron flange pipes in accordance with IS: 1536.

With the advancement of technology, Truform began the production of centrifugal cast iron ductile pipes with welded flanges in the range of 80-1000 mm in diameter according to IS: 8329.

Prior to 1980, flange pipe production was essentially limited to the unorganized sector in India and is still used in many parts of the country. Due to the importance of pipelines in the public health sector, Truform was a pioneer in the production of pipe flanges with cast iron bolts in an organized way, meeting the requirements of quality-conscious customers. Truform has its own production department of cast iron pipes where spun pipes are manufactured in the De-Lavaud process.

Over the years, Truform has developed the best manufacturing processes and practices, and product quality has been recognized, which is why Truform is rightly recognized as “the master of centrifugally cast threaded flange pipelines.”

DI Flange spigot pipe

DI Flange Spigot

truform europe fusion bonded epoxy red flange reducer bsen 598

DI Reducer

truform europe ductile iron fitting black fusion bonded epoxy double flange bend

90 Degree Bend

BSEN 545 All Flange Tee

All Flange Tee

Phone:  +44 20 380 79592 | Email:  mail@TruformEurope.com | Address: SVS House, Oliver Grove, London, SE25 6EJ, United Kingdom