About Us

Who We Are:

Truform Europe is an economic entity registered in England and Wales, to support offshore production, distribution and supply of products manufactured by Truform Group in India for European customers.

The Truform Group (Truform) consists of below three Indian registered companies:

  1. Truform Engineering (tru-form, tfe) –  www.truformengineers.com
  2. Truform Techno Products (TTPL) –  www.truformtechnoproducts.com
  3. Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog (KDUPL, Kapilansh) – www.kapilansh.com

The Truform production plant is strategically open in central India, which is why it has best air and rail connections. Travel by plane is one hour journey from any international airport in India. Flights directly coming from UAE are also available. The excellent rail connection provided by the Indian Railway enables our products to be transported from / to the various ports of India for sea frieght.

Truform Europe is the pan-European wholesale distribution channel of Truform. It is responsible for importing all products manufactured by Truform.

What We Do:

The Truform company deals with the production of piping solutions made of Cast Iron and Ductile Iron, as well as Manhole covers, Gratings, Electrodes, Fire Hydrants and bespoke castings, which meet national and international norms and standards in this field.

Truform Europe enables meeting the requirements of European customers for Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Piping solutions for all applications, as well as Manhole covers, Gratings, Electrodes, Fire Hydrants and bespoke castings, and delivering them directly to the customer.

Truform Europe also meets the individual requirements of customers by the possibility of manufacturing products that are not on the current Truform offer.  Thus, Truform Europe based in London is able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, not only from Great Britain, but also from all over Europe.

The most important features of Truform:

– Truform has obtained more than 40 approvals of industrial designs for manufactured products in the form of ductile iron fittings from the Indian authorities and government departments;

– Truform was founded in 1981. From the very beginning, its founders were guided by the vision of global development. Thanks to the family management and the hard work of the entire crew, the assumptions adopted at the very beginning could become reality.

– Truform has 820 skilled workers and executives. Thanks to this, it manufactures over 200 products.

– Truform currently manufactures over 65,000 metric tons of ductile iron pipes and fittings, cast iron pipes and fittings, manhole, earth electrodes, castings and fire hydrants annually.

Where We Are:

Truform Europe is headquartered in London, UK to provide pan-European wholesale distribution and offshore production.

Registered Address: SVS House, Oliver Grove, London, SE25 6EJ, United Kingdom

Truform’s main production facility is located in Nagpur, India.

Factory Address:  155/3 & 7/3, Kawtha, Khairy, Kamptee, Nagpur 26, MH, India.

We invite you to visit our production facilities.

Work With Us:

Truform Europe was designed to work with European clients. Truform Europe’s goal is to distribute our products to three major European customer groups, classified into:

  1. Large retail companies that store ductile iron or cast iron products

We run wholesale supply of products at factory prices to distributors and retailers. We deliver orders straight from the Truform plant to our customers’ warehouses.

  1. Existing production brands that want to commission production in India

We manufacture products for our clients according to their needs and we will ensure delivery straight to the client’s warehouses.

  1. Contractors / construction companies / other entities

We service orders from infrastructure contractors, construction companies, and other entities for which we manufacture products and deliver them to the construction site or to the warehouse.

If you belong to these groups, please contact us, because cooperation with us guarantees tangible benefits, support, and satisfying service, meeting your expectations, and all because we are flexible and open to customer needs.

Legal Information:

Truform Europe is governed by GB regulations and English jurisdiction.