Cast Iron Pipes of Indian Producer

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Indian Producer & Supplier of Cast Iron Pipes

Truform is a producer of Cast Iron Pipes (CI Pipes) brand name as “Kapilansh” which has become synonymous for centrifugally CI Pipes in India. We offer Centrifugally Cast (spun) Iron Spigot and Socket Soil, Waste Water CI Pipes, Ventilating CI pipes, CI Soil pipes and CI Hubless Pipes & CI Pipe fitting for all types of drainage system needs.

We can supply you our existing Cast Iron Pipes or with your logo and deliver to your warehouse anywhere in Europe. Being centrally located in India, manufacturing site can be visited by one hour flight from any major international airport. Truform manufacturing site is also well connected by Indian railway.

Truform Europe is your pan European wholesale distribution channel to supply as per standards you require. Whether it is wholesale or offshore manufacturing of Cast Iron Pipes, we can cater your need.

If you are a manufacturer in Europe then we can produce CI Pipes in India and deliver to you. If you are a retailer then you can simply buy our products as per your needs.

Truform has been manufacturing Cast Iron Pipes over many past decades and it is run by people who have principle of doing business with trust and integrity.

Cast Iron Pipes made in India are equally good as they are made in other popular manufacturing sites. This is because Truform has the quality due diligence and excellent manufacturing process spanning across many decades of experience.

Moreover, we have ability to produce as per the specification and deliver the finished products as per your requirements.    

Below are three types of CI pipes we offers:

  1. Cast Iron Soil Pipe– Non pressure CI Pipe as per IS 3989 equivalent of BSEN 877 / ISO 6594
  2. Cast Iron Hubless Pipes– Non pressure cast iron pipes as per IS 15905 equivalent of  BSEN 877 / ISO 6594
  3. Cast Iron Spun Pipes– Pressure CI pipes with pressure rating of PN16 and made as per IS 1536

Truform Cast Iron pipes are produce with De Lavaud manufacturing process of Cast Iron Centrifugal Pipes. In this process each pipe is casted individually in metal moulds ensuring superior quality. The quality assurance and control measures ensures best Cast Iron pipes production for all types of plumbing & drainage system.

Manufacturing Parameters of Cast Iron Pipes are as below:

Production turnover:

50, 000 MT per annum

Metal Grade:

As per IS 3989 / IS 15905 / IS 1536 / BSEN 877 / ISO 6594

Tensile Strength:

150 MPa for pipes & fittings


230 HBW (MAX)

Crushing strength:

300 N/mm2 (Min)

Hydrostatic Test:

At a pressure of 0.07 MPa

Cast Iron Pipe Metal Grade:

FG 150


20 mm to 200 mm


Upto 3000 mm

Hammer Test:

Clear ringing sound upon struck with light hand held Hammer

Coating Test:

At a temperature of 65 degree Celsius for flow & 0 degree Celsius for chip off

Dimensional Check-up:

conforming to tolerances specified in Standard Specification

Coating and lining:

Default is Black Bitumen paint 75 micron but we also provide Red Epoxy paint.

HSN Code


Application of Cast Iron Pipes are: 

Drainage system, Plumbing, Waste Water or Rainwater system. Gas, ventilation or other fluid drainage system. 

Cast Iron Soil pipes and Cast Iron Hubless Pipes are mainly produce for European markets. Cast iron Spun Pipes are now replaced by DI Pipes but if there is demand then we can supply CI pressure pipes and fittings too.

CI Pipes due to its properties are preferred solution where PVC or other material pipes cannot be used. The CI Soil and Hubless pipes made in India from Kapilansh brand is one stop solution for all drainage and piping solution. Whether it is industrial fluid or rainwater, these CI pipes are essentially the best piping solution you would need. Consider us as your trusted partner to obtain CI pipes and fittings from India. Our presence in London as EU Company allows us to meet the demand of our European clients and allows our clients to safely and confidently use us as their CI piping manufacturing or wholesale partner. We welcome you to our manufacturing site in India to meet our people and see our facilities for Cast Iron Pipes and Fittings manufacturing.   

Example of our Cast Iron Pipes diameter sizes are as below:


Nominal Diameter (DN)

External Diameter (DE)

Tolerance On (DE)

75 mm

83 mm


100 mm

110 mm


150 mm

160 mm


200 mm

210 mm

+2.5 /-2.5


Example of our Cast Iron Pipes thickness are as below:

Nominal Diameter (DN)

Thickness Nom.

Thickness Min.

75 mm

3.5 mm

3 mm

100 mm

3.5 mm

3 mm

150 mm

4.0 mm

3.5 mm

200 mm

5.0 mm

4.0 mm


Advantage of our centrifugal cast iron pipes are listed below:

  • Assures quality as per specification required.
  • Superior corrosion resistance to soil, waste water, chemicals
  • Superior atmospheric weathering & corrosion resistance
  • Low thermal expansion
  • High compressive strength & beam load bearing capacity
  • Smooth inner surfaces giving better flow characteristics
  • Environment friendly as fully recyclable
  • Better aesthetic appearance

Our Cast Iron Pipes are economical & faster in fitment because of below unique selling point:

  • CI Pipes are available in various lengths up to 3 meter thus reducing number of joints
  • Strength and durability is high due to superior normalizing process, reduces brittleness of pipes hence less prone to breakage & cracking
  • No leakage problems. The centrifugal process imparts very dense and homogeneous grain structure reducing porosity
  • Long life of cast Iron Pipes: Once installed, a cast iron soil & waste or rainwater system last the lifetime of the building
  • Maintenance free: The combination of great strength & improved surface coatings on our drainage systems offers a fit and forget solution in most installation of cast iron drainage systems.
  • Easy and effective installation of cast iron pipes: Installation process is far easy as compared to traditional Lead / Dripseal joint fixing process. Being centrifugally cast, these pipes are light & easy to erect.
  • Low noise operation: Cast Iron is dense material which absorbs sound vibration as a result cast Iron Pipes are considered as very quiet by muffling the noise from rushing waste water more effectively than other options.
  • Resistance to temperatures: has extremely low co-efficient of expansion which means it is ideal material for waste pipe work where high temperature fluids may be discharged
  • Fire resistance: Resistant to fire due to high melting point of cast iron pipes.

Such characteristics makes Cast Iron Pipes unparalleled product that delivers lifetime solution to drainage and plumbing needs.