Elevated Service Reservoir Overhead Water Tank Ductile Iron Piping & Fitting


Elevated Service Reservoir (O/H Tank) DI Piping & Fitting

truform engineers specialises in manufacturing customized pipe length sets for erection in Over Head Tanks / ESR’s. With this need for fabricating distance pieces at site is avoided and the erection becomes easier as all the pipes in a particular set have to be only erected in order to get the desired set length. Proper marking is provided on all the pipes to form required set lengths.

For this the designer needs to provide details of set lengths for various lines i.e. Inlet, Outlet, Overflow, Washout etc., considering the tanks (ESR’s) staging height, Container height & the ground level as per the legend provided below.

Generally full length pipes are used followed by a small make up piece to make vertical / horizontal lengths. For inside container smaller lengths are manufactured. In case of any restriction in making length for any particular size range (Especially 600 & above), the same needs to be communicated to us.


01           OV – Outlet Vertical Length          08           WV – Washout vertical Length

02           OP – Outlet Puddle Length           09           WP – Washout Puddle Length

03           OH – Outlet Horizontal Length    10           WH-Washout Horizontal Length

04           IV – Inlet Vertical Length               11           OV1 – Overflow Vertical Length

05           IP – Inlet Puddle Length 12           OP1-Overflow Puddle Length

06           IC  –  Inlet Container Length         13           OC-Overflow Container Length

07           IH – Inlet Horizontal Length          14           OH1-Overflow Horizontal Length


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