Flange Jointing Procedure for Ductile Iron Fitting


Flange Jointing Procedure for Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings is explained here.

Easy jointing Procedure for Flange Pipes:

  1. Clean the faces of the flanges for any dirt or particles of foreign matter.
  2. Inspect the gasket for any damage or manufacturing defect.
  3. Align the pipe properly and position the gasket between the flanges.
  4. Keep the gap between the flanges approximately uniform while tightening.
  5. First tighten four location bolts 1,2,3,4 as per diagram in order to roughly secure the adjoining flange.
  6. Check alignment of flange faces and gasket before tightening.
  7. Tighten nuts to finger tight.
  8. Insert remaining bolts or remove tighten nuts to finger tight.
  9. Remaining Bolts should be tightened in the correct sequence and to the appropriate torque.
  10. Finish with one final pas by providing torque in a clockwise direction.
  11. Tighten to 100% of estimated torque using the same sequence
Flange Jointing Procedure For Ductile Iron Fitting