Indian Manufacturer’s Lightning Earth Electrodes

At Truform, Lightning Earth Electrodes are manufactured using Cast Iron as sustainable Earth Rods. We take great pride in supplying these essential products to our customers at wholesale factory outlet prices to all over Europe. 

We have various types, shape and size of galvanised and non-galvanised cast iron earth electrodes at wholesale factory outlet prices for Earthing system. We can also make these products as your offshore manufacturing partner. More details on our products are given below explaining why cast iron is chosen as a mental.

Truform Europe offers Cast Iron Earth Electrodes to use as a lightning protection system in varying sizes from 80 mm to 300 mm DN in desired lengths. The variant are Single Flange, Tapered cut, and Plane ended.

We also offer Cast Iron Pipe Earthing Kit, as per the guidelines of IS : 3043, code of practice of Earthing. If you provide us your specification then we can also make as per your need. We only take wholesale order and minimum order quantity is one container as frequently as you need.

Our Earth electrode acts a conductive part and as these are made of Cast Iron, it’s life span is circa 100 years. This is because these Earth Rods are embedded in the soil and has very well anti corrosive properties.

These Earth Electrodes are manufactured in Cast Iron simply because they make better Earthing system due it below mentioned reasons:

  • Long Life
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reliable Performance

Truform manufactures four different types of Earth electrodes as listed below:

  • Type A : Earth Electrode without G. I. Clamp (with 2 holes on collar for G. I. Strip Fittings) – Cone Earth Rod    
  • Type B : Earth Electrode with G. I. Clamp (provided as per customer requirement) – Hot Dip Galvanised Iron
  • Type C : Earth Electrode with Flange (provided as per customer requirement) – Hot Dip Galvanised Iron
  • Type B : Earth Electrode with G. I. HDG (provided as per customer requirement) with funnel – Hot Dip Galvanised Iron

These four types also manufactured in High Voltage (HV) as well as Low Voltage (LV) Lightning Protection System (LPS) / Earthing System. Because these are penetrated into the earth strata they have excellent Lightning conduction for both LV and HV LPS.

Lightning Earth Electrodes are also known as lightning conductor rod or electricity conductor rod as well as Earth Rods or Lightning conductor. They exists as because we need protection from the lightening to prevent fire or other damages to structures. First invented in 18th Century, their existence has ever since protected our infrastructure from natural calamity.  

When these Earth Electrodes are vertically positioned as earth rods then they act as the most effective electricity conductor. These Earth Rods can be used in relatively small area as a substations or in low soil resistivity ground conditions in which it can penetrate beneath a layer of soil.

The purpose of penetration is to make contact with the mass of earth. The simple design of the Earth electrodes is to have a sufficient length of rods or pipes and clamps for penetration and metallic plates for supporting as required. These products are made such that both the low voltage and high voltage Light Protection System can be achieved. All four types of Earth Rod or Earth Electrodes can be made as per customer LPS requirement.

As manufacturer, Truform products are specifically designed to be able to easily install and provide better Earthing system. Sufficient length is provided to penetrate rods into the moist layer underneath the ground surface to minimise resistance.

The need of a lightning protection system is to safeguard structures from fire or mechanical destruction and to avoid people being injured.

Every year there are lightning strikes across the world and it may be affecting newly developed areas as construction growths year by year. These Earth Electrodes created a lightning protection system as they are designed to pass the energy from a lightning flash as a safe way to the earth.

Earth Rods are there to protect your valuable properties from damage as Earthing system is necessary to do their job when it is needed.

Cast Iron is consider as better metal conductors and do not excessively corrode during the life time of the product and continue to serve Lightning Protection System. Cast Iron Earth Electrodes are often selected due to their resistance to corrosion as well as being cost effective. Although initial upfront cost of the product may be higher, the cost is spread over its serviceable life which is many decades even for high corrosive soil.

For example Galvanised steel rods are cheaper electrodes but they are not the cost effective as they have shorter service life. Copper rods have a longer service life but they are considerably more expensive. Moreover, copper rods are not suitable for harder strata as they have low flexural strength.

The cast iron earth rod offers a better solution as it has high flexural strength, high electricity conduction. Low resistance to the ground, and longevity of service life as well as suitability to varying soli types makes this product as best choice for Lightning Protection System.

Sample Earth Electrode design diagram (as included in CIPE Kit) is provided below for illustration of Earthing system.