Installation Procedures of Earth Electrodes


For the Earth Electrode / earth rods / Earthing Electrodes to be installed, a hole of 2.5 to 3 times the diameter shall be made equal to the length of the Earth Electrode. The filling material chemical (Bentonite powder)/ charcoal & Salt in suitable proportion shall be first filled at the bottom of hole up to 300 mm. Earth Electrode shall be placed at the centre of the hole and annular space between the Earth Electrode and the hole filled with filling material. Followed by black soil at the top.  The pipe shall be filled with sufficient water.  The Earth Electrode is now ready to use.

Advantages and Benefits of Truform Earth Electrode:

  • It requires less space and time to install. (For existing or new facilities through piling method)
  • Maintenance free.  Centrifugally cast iron Earth Electrode is having very low corrosion, hence the life is in generally more than 50 yrs.
  • With proper diameter and Length of Earth Electrode, we can get desired short circuit current dissipation.
  • Lower earth resistance due to better surface area contact.
  • Extra pipe for pouring water is not required.
  • Due to better current carrying capacity Earth Electrode can reduce risk of damage to Electrical and
  • Electronics equipment.
  • Safety to human life & reduction in noise (in equipment).
  • Solid connectivity up to chamber / earth terminal
  • Better results in minimum Earthing material in piling process
  • Amenable to inspection over the life time of the Earth Electrode.