Instruction For Cement Mortar Lining Repair Of Ductile Iron Fittings


Instruction for cement mortar lining repair of (DI) Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings

  1. If possible position the pipe with the damaged area at invert levels.
  2. Carefully chip out the damaged lining. Undercut the edges of the surrounding sound lining to from a key for the repair.
  3. Clean away all the loose debris.
  4. Thoroughly wet the exposed metal surface and the edges of the lining around exposed area.
  5. Prepare the mortar for repair. The mortar should be stiff and consist of one part cement (40% of OPC/MAC/SRC and 60% of white cement) to 1.5 parts dry washed coarse sand and be mixed with single shot solution / fevicol adhesives and little fresh potable water.
  6. Place the mortar with a hand trowel and work it well into the edges of the existing lining.
  7. Built up the repair to a thickness just above that of the original lining and finally smooth down to the required thickness using a piece of wood/smooth emery paper.
  8. Cover the repaired lining with a wet cloth/ jute to prevent rapid evaporation until mortar is sufficiently hardened.